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The Alberta Geological Survey (AGS) was founded in 1921, by Order in Council of the Provincial Executive, as a core part of the Scientific and Industrial Research Council, later the Alberta Research Council (ARC). AGS was a department in ARC until it was transferred to the Alberta Department of Energy in 1995. Since 1996, the Alberta Geological Survey has been part of the Alberta Government's Alberta Energy and Utilities Board (EUB).

The mission of the Alberta Geological Survey is to provide geoscience information and expertise needed by government, industry and the public for earth-resources stewardship and sustainable development in Alberta.

Our responsibilities include:


  • delineate and characterize Alberta's earth resources
  • build and further develop Alberta's geoscience information based
  • disseminate geoscience data and information
  • participate in geoscience research activities in support of the energy and mineral industries in Alberta

Specifically we provide regional geological studies related to: oil and gas, coalbed methane, oil sands, coal, industrial and metallic minerals; reservoir analysis and characterization; deep disposal of carbon dioxide and other acid gases; hydrogeology and surficial geology. The AGS also operates the metallic Mineral Core Research Facility.

Eligibility Criteria

All Alberta companies.


AGS products include geology maps, cross sections, reports, and data sets, all of which are provided at the approximate cost of reproduction and distribution. Some fee-for-service laboratory services are available. Expert advice is provided at no cost up to a certain level.AGS does not provide services that are available in the private sector. The Mineral Core Research Facility is available for viewing of core and rock samples.

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